The port

The port entrance channel is facing north with an opening of 40 meters and depths on the axis varying from 4.5 to about 6.7 meters. The port is protected by oriented breakwater that stretches for about 1000 meters to the southwest. The outer perimeter is protected by natural boulders At its point a light is operating (37th 52 ‘, 9 B – 23rd 43, 5 A). From the North it is protected by a breakwater with a triangular shape that extends for 340 meters to the south. The port coastline depths range from 2.8 to 3.8 meters. To the northeast coast and perpendicular to these there are 6 floating jetties, the three of the northernmost ones have a 120 meters length and the others 80 meters. In the southwest coast there are 2 floating jetties 105 meters long and two fixed berths of 80 meters length.



Port Services

Assistance in mooring of vessels by the Marina’s sailors with 2 tenders.
Water and power supply (220/380 V from 16 to 400 Amps).
Diving and technical services.
Fuel Services.