Hellinikon SA is a Special Purpose Vehicle entity under which is the supervision administration and management of the touristic marina of Agios Kosma as determined in accordance with the provisions of Art . 7 of Law . 4062/2012 ( Government Gazette A 70 ) for the administration, management and development of the land, premises and facilities, with its annexes and their components belonging to Hellinikon SA.
The Marina is managed by a General Director that supervises the following departments:
A) Management Department
B) Department of Financial Services
C) Technical Support
The Marina’s personnel is carefully selected and trained to provide its customers the services they deserve, with care, discretion and professionalism.



Management Department

This department is responsible for:
A) Granting mooring space to vessels and generally responsible for matters to the quays and piers of the Marina.
B) Leasing of on land areas in the premises of the Marina.
C) Informing clients regarding anchorages.
D) Ensuring the accessibility of all areas of the Marina to people with disabilities and mobility impairments.


Department of Financial Services

This department is responsible for:
A) the overall financial management of the Marina.
B) the implementation of port tariffs and issuing of any necessary tax documents as well as costing of any provided services from the marina.


Technical Department

This department is responsible for:
A) Repairs and maintenance of the inwater and inland port facilities of the Marina.
B) Daily cleaning all kinds of land and sea area facilities and ensuring the smooth operation of instruments and cleaning equipment.
C) the collection and disposal of hazardous toxic waste (eg batteries) and oil residues.
D) Waste Management Plans, for collection, storage, processing, transport and disposal of all types of waste oils, lubricants oil and hazardous waste.
E) the good condition of the prevention equipment for the antipollution measures and also the required floating equipment device for preventing and combating pollution.