Control and Patrol Service

The point of entry and exit of the Marina is controlled by security guards who are in contact with the staff of the Marina informing them and also being informed in order for the premises to be safely guarded 24 hours 24-hour, seven days a week.



Videotaping of the Marina area

The whole area of the premises of the Marina is controlled by closed circuit television (CCTV)following the obligations for those who keep and process personal data in accordance to the Data Protection Authority. There are also special cameras from the seaside view on the entry of the Marina.




Safety Equipment and Fire Protection

The Marina is fully equipped with all necessary means of security and fire protection following the European regulations on the safety of tourist ports.


Fire Training and Crisis

Personnel of the Marina is in constant training and following educational programs in order to be properly prepared for any case of emergency.


Environmental Protection Activities

The Marina has an approved Reception and Handling Waste Plan for the vessels that are moored at the and a Marine Pollution Response Plan.
For the effective implementation of the above plans, the Marina has all the necessary equipment, but also the personnel is regularly trained by qualified instructors, in order for the staff to serve the Marina’s customers in a secure way and intervene independently in all potential pollution incidents that may occur. Having this as an objective all users are continuously informed and all relevant activities (eg waste delivery, supply vessels, etc.) are systematically monitored 24 hours a day, always with the Environmental Protection in hand.