Dear Sirs,

The management of the Agios Kosmas Marina- Hellinikon S.A., in accordance with the constant efforts regarding security / safety improvements, would like to inform you for the placement of 14 cameras monitoring specific areas of the marina which are being checked daily by security staff, and also about the installation of an access control system.

Process of Obtaining the Access Control Card

In order to obtain the access control card, you have to fill in the attached form, with the requested details, the name of the vessel, names and passport/id numbers of all
crew members as well as their responsibilities. Please also inform the marina’s management for special vehicles passes by giving us the license plates in question.


The Card is for personal use ONLY.
Each Card costs 5 euros and can be obtained from the Marina Office.
In case of loss or improper operation of the card, please come in contact with the Marina offices, the soonest possible, in order to cancel it and provide you with a new card.
In case that the vessel abandons the mooring in the Agios Kosmas Marina or even if a crew member seizes to be employed, cards must be returned in both cases.

Entry and Exit Procedures

A log book will be kept at the entrance check point to record the entrance and exit
details of persons that do not have an entry card.

That is applicable for:

1) Crew members that their personal details have not been declared/they do not have an access control card.

2) For vessels visitors and / or Agents
You have the responsibility to inform the marina offices 2 hours beforehand by providing the following information:
a) Full name and id card number.
b) The purpose of the visit.

3) Repair Crew Members
You have the responsibility to inform the marina offices 2 hours beforehand by providing the following information:
a) Name and id number of the Repair Crew Manager and the total number of persons of the group. Id cards of all crew members will be necessary for their entrance.
b) Repair Crew Manager will also be responsible for the safety of his staff and also be accountable for keeping the surrounding area clean.

Undeclared Visitors

Unannounced visitors have to declare their names and/or their company’s name to the gate, and also the name of the vessel or of the person who they intent to visit. Be aware that security personnel will be checking the above mentioned information, before giving the permission of entrance. For visitors, who for any reasons do not wish to give their personal details, they will be accompanied by the security of the Marina, up to the vessel that they intend to visit.